If you’re a business owner and/or the owner of a commercial property, you know first hand the responsibilities and every day challenges that come with properly managing a building. Whether you’re starting out or keeping the family business going, it all relies on making wise decisions.

Solar power output is different for every property, but converting to solar always beats taking no action. Solar panel installation is a beneficial option for your commercial property because it allows you to turn your business into an income-generating asset.

No matter your thoughts on green energy vs fossil fuels, solar panels provide 3 valuable things: Independence, Security and Savings. Overall solar panel costs have fallen immensely and a 30% tax credit is available for business owners.

Knowing just how much your business can benefit from a commercial solar installation is the next step. Give us a call to set up an on-site, no cost consultation today.


Reduce Your Operating Costs

A solar panel system can dramatically decrease your business’ operating costs regardless if you pay for your system up front or lease it. National data from state agencies and clean-energy consultants used data from 100 green buildings and concluded that sustainable green buildings lower operations and maintenance costs between $50 and $70 per sq. ft., or about 10 times the additional costs associated with green buildings.

Lower Your Rising Utility Rates

As soon as your solar panel system is set up and operating, you begin saving on electricity which increases your net income. Solar power can insulate your business from volatility in power markets with seasonal swings in their utility rates, due to high consumption (summer and winter months) and continual yearly rate increases, by producing your own cheap electricity. West Virginia utility rates are among the cheapest across the nation however, we estimate that the costs of power will increase by 2% each year, which only  makes the solar panels more cost-effective as time goes by.

Low Maintenance & High Reliability

Solar panels virtually require no maintenance and operate with no noise. Roofing structures for most commercial buildings also make access to your panels easy. Our solar panels are encased in a high tempered, protective glass case, framed by non-corrosive aluminum. Solar panels are build to withstand rain, hail, snow, and other weather-related threats. Most manufacturer warranties are 25 years, which means you’ll be producing clean energy for at least that amount of time from the same system.

Net Metering

Your solar panels will generate power during the day and generate power from the grids during the night when it’s dark, which means that your system may still produce more electricity than you will use overall. The utility company pays you the current market value for any surplus of power production at the end of each billing cycle.

Reputation for Quality

The initial decision to convert and install solar power on your building takes time and diligence to ensure the financial and operational aspects fit within your business and budget. Most of all, it represents a commitment to quality, care, efficiency, and the environment. For those of you with commercial property who have tenants, these can be critical factors needed to obtain and retain tenants.

Your Solar Partner

Partnering with SolarGreen defines “You get what you pay for.” Our customers can relax knowing that their investment into a greener planet will offer them peace of mind working with us, because we won’t cut corners. We stand behind our work from start to finish and even beyond, to ensure the quality of your investment continues on. We are committed to helping in the transition to clean energy.