Once we’ve had an initial conversation and provided you with your personal energy analysis, we will schedule an appointment with you at your home or business to obtain a full measure of your property to find out exactly what your needs are and how to best site your system. Once we are in agreement, we will schedule a date to transform your house or business to a solar-power energy producer! Solar panel installation generally takes between just two (2) and four (4) days to complete and are installed by our expert contractors and engineers.

As soon as the panels have been installed, we call the power company to come certify that the install was done correctly, they then install the net meter. Once the net meter is placed, you will start using the power from the panels; instant savings.


Our silicon solar panels will be connected to your Wi-Fi once installed. This connection allows for you to monitor everything about your panels on the roof – how they’re doing, all from your smartphone. Each panel tells your smartphone, how it’s doing instantaneously, and over the long haul.


You can buy solar panels from SolarGreen or you can lease them through the company. At Solar Green, we believe that over 20 years we can save you up to $60,000 dollars. You can request a Free Energy Analysis to start calculating your individual savings.