Solar paneling is beneficial for both homeowners in West Virginia. No matter your thoughts on green energy vs fossil fuels, solar paneling does provide 3 valuable things: Independence, Security and Savings. West Virginia utility rates are among the cheapest across the nation however, we estimate that the costs of power will increase by 2% each year, which will only make the solar panels more cost-effective as time goes by.

Plus, solar paneling costs have fallen immensely and are made of silicon which can make them last up to 50 years. A solar energy powered home also increases your home value which results in selling your home 20% faster and to garner 17% more money. A 30% renewable energy tax credit is available as well for homeowners.


Factors to Consider:

Age of Your Roof

Our solar panel systems are warrantied for up to 25 years. The type and age of the roof on your home play a part in the cost effectiveness of the panel system.

How Much Space Available on Your Roof

Solar panels can be placed vertically or horizontally on your rooftop. Our goal is to calculate the amount of panels you will need to match up to 100% of your energy costs. We generally use the southernmost facing portion of your roof as it provides the best orientation and efficiency for the panels.

Your Budget for a Solar Panel System

You can purchase your panels or lease them through us. We will work together with you to figure out the best and most efficient option. Don’t forget, there is a 30% tax credit available for homeowners as well for converting to solar energy!

Your Solar Energy Partner

Partnering with SolarGreen defines “You get what you pay for.” Our customers can relax knowing that their investment into a greener planet will offer them peace of mind working with us because we won’t cut corners. We stand behind our work from start to finish and even beyond, to ensure the quality of your investment continues on. We are committed to helping in the transition to clean energy.